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Instagram is testing the ability to turn off read receipts in DMs, as noted by Adam Mosseri and Mark Zuckerberg in their respective broadcast channels.

Besides limiting the test to a few people, the new option does not offer the ability to tweak read receipts on a contact-by-contact basis. The same option was also said to appear for Facebook Messenger, but with no timeline.

Turning off Read Receipts on Instagram

Aside from excelling in features, social media platforms are forced to value user privacy, too, triggering innovative features to keep user data and status on their platform private and protected.

In this pursuit, many platforms like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram let users hide their read receipts, allowing them to be more private when needed. Turning off read receipts can be done for various reasons, like to avoid the sender’s attention altogether or to avoid perceived rudeness whenever you can’t reply in time.

But at the same time, this can also be an assuring factor for the sender to know that the recipient has acknowledged his message, so it stays around. Social platforms are adding this feature to let users decide on their privacy settings.

The latest to have this feature is Instagram, where it’s CEO, Adam Mosseri and Meta’s head, Mark Zuckerberg, announced this in their broadcast channels. A preview of how it works revealed that the feature is cooked into the Privacy and Safety tab, accessible by clicking on the person’s name from inside the chat.

Read Receipts option in Instagram
Read Receipts option in Instagram

Here, you’ll see a new “Who can see your activity” option with a toggle that makes all the views of your DM messages private from there on. However, any messages sent in vanish mode will still have read receipts turned on.

While it’s a needed option, Instagram may not let users set this option on a contact-by-contact basis. So, if you turn this setting on, the read receipts will be turned off for everyone on your chat list. Also, Mosseri and Zuckerberg have said the same is coming for Facebook Messenger, but didn’t mention when.

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