Instagram to Soon Verify Your Age in Weird Methods

Instagram is testing a new feature that’d let users pin desired posts to the top of their profile. The testing is limited to a few selected users, and may or may not reach all.

This feature is especially helpful to the content creators who want to highlight their special work among many they have uploaded, and be easily visible to users and brands. This is similar to the customization or grid on your profile that Instagram tested earlier.

Pinning Posts on Instagram

Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that’s been constantly working on new features to thwart the competition. In this pursuit, the platform is seen testing a new option called “pin to your profile” on it’s app.

This is currently available to only a few selected users, and may or may not be rolling out to everyone. Well, if it proves to be useful, Instagram may test it further and eventually release it to everyone. To see if you’re one among the testing community, tap on the menu (three dots in the top right) of any of your posts and check for the “pin to your profile” option.

If you’re lucky to have it, you may use it to pin that specific post to the top of your profile. This is especially useful for content creators like design artists or professional photographers, who often mix up their specials with the other creative work they upload.

These users can pin their desired or special posts to the top of their profile to have them seen more by users and brands, and judge them better. It’s usual that most people don’t try to scour through the entire profile due to time constraints.

Instagram confirmed this to TechCrunch, saying that “We’re testing a new feature that lets people feature posts on their profile”. This also seems similar to the grid customization support that Instagram tested earlier, which allows users to rearrange the post in any order they desired, and have the important ones highlighted.

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