Instagram might introduce a new verification method. The app will ask users to record a short video selfie for verification. These days social media platforms require verification from users to confirm that they are real people.

This feature will help the platform to counter fake users and minimize spam on the platform. Instagram parent company Meta claims that the company will not collect user data from this feature. The video selfie will only be used for user verification and they will not gather any biometric data or facial data from users.

This new feature is first spotted by a social media consultant Matt Navarra and he shared it on his Twitter account. Instagram will ask all the new users to record a short video selfie of themselves while moving their heads in different directions. This will help the app to confirm that they are the real users and not the fake ones.

Instagram Video Selfie
via: Matt Navarra Twitter

The screenshots shared by Matt Navarra say that “We need a short video of turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you’re a real person and confirm your identity”.

After recording the short video selfie for verifications, users have to submit it to the company for confirmation. The parent company of the platform said that this video will not appear on Instagram and will be deleted permanently from the servers after 30 days of submitting it.

All these short videos for verification will not be used for facial recognition by the company nor they will gather any of the biometric data from users said the company.

As verification is only required for the new users so existing users won’t be using this feature. It will only be available for those users who created a new account on the platform.

There are more than two billion active monthly users on the platform which makes it one of the biggest social media apps. Instagram is adding more features to its app to make it more secure, effective, and efficient. Privacy is a real concern and the platform is making sure to make the user data secure. With the addition of this new feature, fake users won’t be able to join the platform more often and there will be less spammy content on the app.

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