Instagram to Soon Verify Your Age in Weird Methods

To thwart underaged kids entering it’s community, Instagram announced two new verification methods that may seem slightly weird.

First up, it is asking for a video selfie from all facial angles, which is then determined by an AI to find out the probable age. And there’s social vouching, a new way to get your age verified by the community, where the user asks his followers to vouch for him in age verification. Both these are being tested in the US now.

New Methods to Verify Age on Instagram

Though social media is a fun place for people, it may not always be for underaged kids. With the risks of cyberbullying and pedophile stalking, most countries have forced social media platforms to ban underaged kids from enrolling in their community.

Instagram is no different, and even more under the scrutiny of regulators due to recent reports from insiders. Thus, the platform is introducing a couple of new-age verification methods to bar underaged kids (less than 13 years) from enrolling into their platform.

Soon, anyone changing their date of birth too will be asked to go through the age verification process – predominantly by submitting a government-issued ID card to Instagram. If not this, there’s a new system through video selfies.

Instagram asks users to upload a video selfie from all angles to check their potential age through AI – processed by Yoti, an age verification service. Instagram partnered with Yoti – which is verified by the Age Check Certification Scheme and recommended by the German regulator.

Yoti has an error margin of 1.5 years while checking the age of people 13-19 years, and deletes the video submission after verifying the person. If not this, there’s a new method called Social Vouching, where you can ask three of your mutual followers to vouch for you for your age!

Well, the people selected for vouching should have some eligibility too, like they’re not allowed to vouch for others meanwhile, and more. These atypical methods are currently being tested in the US, and may soon roll out to more regions.

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