Instagram is finally rolling out a much-awaited feature on its platform. This new feature will allow users to post photos and videos on the platform from the web browser directly.

The Facebook-owned social app previously pitches itself as a mobile-only app. Users only can see posts from the desktop web browser but they can’t post anything from the web browser on the app.

Now, the app is allowing users to use a web browser to upload photos and videos.

Interestingly, the company is allowing users to post directly from the web browser, instead of creating an app for iPads and Android tablets. 

Everyone will get this feature gradually and it works in a similar style to the android and iOS apps. Users can use the web browser to add filters, captions, and everything that they can post using the mobile app.

Once this feature rolls out, users can use Instagram from the web browser just like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms that support web browsing.

All they need is to open a web browser, type Instagram on the address bar and open the website. Type their login credentials to enter the website. Then on the top right corner, there is a (+) button, click on it and there they can add photos and videos from the web.

If users want to upload videos from the web, then there is a limit to that. Only videos that are under 60 seconds can be uploaded from the web. In the future, this limit might end but as of now, only 60 seconds of video can be uploaded from the web.

This feature is rolling out for every user but as of now, users can’t see this update on the platform when they log in from the web. It is a big update and it takes some time to reach the massive audience Instagram has. It is a much-needed feature especially for those who spend most of their time on laptops and PC.

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