Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is experimenting with many new features. They recently integrated their messenger with Instagram chats to ensure cross-platform messaging. Last week they added vanish modes for the chat which will automatically delete messages after some time.

Today they have introduced another feature that will improve the search result in the app. Instagram will allow users to search on the app using the keywords. With keywords, the search result will be improved and it is easy to find content on the app.

Instagram will allow users to search using Keywords

Before this feature, users use the hashtag or account name to find content on the app. Using hashtags or even account names to find content is sometimes very difficult as different content is posted under the same hashtag/account name. It is the only option to locate something on the app.

Now they have introduced the keyword search option which will help in finding the right content. This new Instagram feature initially launched for some English speaking countries. There is no news yet as to when it will be released for other languages.

The countries which will get this feature initially are the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

As the feature is rolling out to users in a limited number of countries, it is still unclear how it will work. 

According to Instagram, they have examined a number of factors. The factors like “The type of content, and captions when it was posted”.

For example, if anyone wants to search for a dog then he will use the keywords related to the type of dog rather than scrolling through hundreds of dog pictures. It is still a secret that how this feature will be implemented and will work.

But, Instagram will use advanced machine learning artificial intelligence features to find content using keywords.

In the start, this feature will be limited and users will only search for content related to the general interest. But after some time, there is a chance that Facebook-owned social media will remove all the search restrictions.

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