The world’s most popular photo-sharing app Instagram will soon launch a subscription service for creators. The app has a huge monthly user base that shares millions of photos and videos on the platform.

Now, Instagram is launching a subscription service for creators soon that will only allow paid users to watch the content shared by their favorite creators. The content will be exclusive to the paid users only and will help creators to earn from the platform.

The apps’ recent app store listing says that the platform is now moving away from paid ads and looking for more options to monetize the content. 

The news come in May this year from Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram that they are looking for more options for monetization. He also said that they will introduce a subscription-based model on Instagram. He said that “different ways to facilitate a financial relationship between a fan and a creator.” According to him, it makes more sense to pay for the content instead of watching the ads and sponsored posts.

TechCrunch reported an in-app subscription of $0.99 and $4.99 on an iOS app. The app previously listed its badges as an in-app purchase.

The process is simple and straightforward like other subscription services. The content of creators will be locked behind a paywall. Only those users can see the content of their favorite creators who have paid for the subscription and others will not be able to see it.

Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi shared a tweet on Twitter showing some details of the Instagram subscription service. The feature will include “Member badge” and “Exclusive Content”.

As the app’s popularity grows multifold over the years, the app is working on tons of new features to make the app more joyful for both creators and users. There will be more new features in the coming months apart from this subscription feature.

Alessandro Paluzzi also shared that the Meta-Owned photo-sharing app is working on “Exclusive Stories” which will be only available for those who opt for subscriptions.

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