Instagram Will Not Display Targeted Ads For Users Under 18 Years

Instagram on a blog post today revealed new tools for securing the kids’ accounts on its platform.

These include limiting the suspicious adult accounts to reach kids’ accounts, making newly created kid accounts private by default, and avoiding targeted advertising to kids. All this is aimed at safeguarding the kids’ presence on Instagram.

New Tools For Securing Kids on Instagram

Instagram Will Not Display Targeted Ads For Users Under 18 Years

As Instagram grew to be one of the most popular social media apps among teens and young adults, it was seen as a good opportunity by child predators. There are many incidents reported on child exploitation by pedophiles, so everyone pushed Facebook for thwarting them.

And it has now come up with a bunch of solutions to keep the kids’ presence safe on Instagram. In a blog post, Instagram today said that it’s making all the newly created kids’ accounts private by default, as it makes them safe. So anyone unknown texting them should follow before doing so.

This was decided after knowing the opinions from that category of users, as 8 in 10 kids agreed to be good on private account mode. Kids in terms of Facebook rules mean people aged between 13 to 18, and 16 in some countries.

Further, Instagram will limit the reach of adult accounts to find kids’ accounts. Suspicious accounts are the ones that are reported by users for any illicit practice, and limiting their reach would make no kids accounts seen in “Explore”, “Reels” or “Accounts Suggested For You” tabs.

Even if the suspicious account tried finding the kid account through a username, they can’t follow them. At last, Instagram will bar advertisers from accessing the kids’ online preferences, and show them targeted ads based on that.

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