Intel Confirmed the Leaked BIOS Code of its 12th Gen Processors

After all these ages, Intel has finally made a chip that would let its ultraportable laptops cross the 5GHz mark. The silicon maker has announced the Core i7-1195G7 chip, which is a 4-core/8-thread CPU having over 5GHz clock speed in the single-core result. Alongside this, Intel has also announced an upgrade to its i5-11th gen CPU, its first 5G M.2 module, and an 11th-gen NUC.

Intel Upgrades 11th Gen Chips

Intel Announced a New 11the Gen H-Series Chip With Over 5GHz Clock Speed

In order, the rapidly rising AMD’s 5000 series chips, Intel has announced an upgrade to the current i7 U-series chip. Named as i7-1195G7, this upgraded chip is touted to have a single-core clock speed of above 5GHz, which is now a breakthrough for Intel. All the current ultraportable laptops powered by Intel chips haven’t reached this milestone yet.

Apart from achieving this feat, the new 11th-gen chip has nothing much to talk about. It possesses the same 4-core and 8-thread pack, but the clock speed boost was given by Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0. Also, Intel has slightly upgraded the i5 11th-gen chip to i5-1155G7 too, which now has some performance improvements.

Alongside, Intel has also announced its first 5G M.2 module in the same Computer keynote. This was termed first since it’s the first-ever module coming from Intel, after selling off its 5G wing to Apple in past. And this offering of 5G M.2 modules is made with the partnership of MediaTek. Alongside, Intel has announced its 11th gen NUC (Next Unit of Computing).

It’s slightly bigger than its previous editions but is able to equip a full-size GPU this time. Apart from this, it’s said the NUC 11 Extreme will have PCI Express 4.0 and run on the 11th-gen Intel H-series CPU. No pricing details of this are available yet.

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