Add notes to iCloud Keychain entries

Apple released its iOS 15 last year, and it is still in beta format. Apple has added multiple new features to its new operating system iOS 15.4, and the ability to add notes to account entries in iCloud Keychain has surely turned a lot of heads. This article explains all about this new feature of iCloud Keychain entries and how to add notes in iCloud Keychain entries.

Over the years, with every update, Apple has been improving its OS experience and adding different features to make the lives of users easy and convenient. Apple has been putting a lot of effort into developing its Keychain to successfully compete against all the other Password managers available in the market today. With iOS 15.4, Apple has successfully introduced Account Notes to its Apple Keychain.

Remembering credentials can be a tough job that Apple Keychain will take care of. This new Notes feature will help users get a reminder of any unique thing they need to remember and the password. This information is kept secure and can be accessed by the user at any time. Users will be able to save any kind of instructions or data they need in this note feature.

Here are the steps to add notes to iCloud Keychain entries in iOS 15.4. So, have a read to know the process.

Steps to add notes to iCloud Keychain entries in iOS 15.4:

Turn on your iOS device and go to Settings on the device

Go to the Passwords option in the Settings application

Authenticate the page with a proper password, fingerprint ID, or Face ID

Look for the plus symbol at the top right-hand side of the screen and create a new entry. This will help users add a web URL and save it with the proper username and password.

Go to the Account Options and then click on Add Notes

Users now can add their notes according to their requirements and tap on the done option, which is available in the top right-hand corner.

Adding notes now in iCloud Keychain has become so much more convenient, and you can do so easily without facing any kind of hassle. This will keep all the passwords as well as the notes secured under a password. Make sure to follow the steps given above to successfully create notes in the latest iOS 15.4 operating system.

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