Turn Off Notifications For shortcuts Automation

iOS comes with several interesting and beneficial features. Apple’s new shortcut app is an amazing feature of iOS 15. It allows users to access different tools with a shortcut to use those features with a few clicks. One can automate different types of actions using the tools it includes. Though it is undoubtedly a nice feature, like any other thing, it also has a negative side that often irritates users. It doesn’t have the setting to turn off notifications for shortcuts automation, so users may get irritated with continuous notifications.

Shortcuts always run automation in the background. It is why Apple sends notifications to users to notify them that the action is still running in the background. Suppose you’ve run disable rotation automation in shortcuts, Apple will notify you constantly to make you know that the action was carried out. From some perspectives, it is an amazing feature, but if you daily use the same automation, you won’t need those notifications, and it may irritate you after a certain time.

Fortunately, you can disable these notifications. Though it is not a simple process, it is not that hard. In the latest iOS 15.4 update ( At present, in beta), Apple has added a toggle to turn off these notifications. You can turn off notifications for individual automation by following a few steps. If you want to turn off notifications for shortcuts automation, go through the complete article and follow the steps mentioned below.

Before starting the process, make sure to update your iPhone to the latest 15.4. To update, follow the steps:

First to go settings

Navigate to general

And now tap on “software update”.

If you see the message ” iOS is up to date” with an older version number, it is probably because you are not listed on the iOS 15 beta program.

Steps to turn off notifications for shortcuts automation

First, you have to open the shortcuts app on your iPhone

Then, tap on the Automation tab that you’ll be able to see at the bottom of the screen.

Here, a list of all automation will be available on the Shortcuts app. Select the automation for which you need to disable notifications.

Now, the edit automation screen will appear. Here, navigate to switch next to ‘Ask before running’ and toggle it off.

You can see a prompt on the screen. In the prompt, tap on Don’t ask.

Now, as you’ve toggled off Ask before running, you should see a new “notify when running” switch below it. To turn off the automation notifications, you just now have to toggle off the Notify when running the switch.

Tap on Done and it will save the changes you made.

Now, you’re good to go. You will not get any notifications for the automation you’ve selected when it runs.

(Note– To turn off notifications for each automation, you have to manually repeat all of these steps as there are recently no settings on iOS 15 to turn off all notifications from every animation at one go.)


This is a beneficial system of iOS 15, and that’s why it is advised to turn off notifications for only those automation that you use often or regularly. It will help you know that the task is running in the background. If you want to turn on the notification for any automation, you just have to follow all the steps mentioned above. And finally, toggle on the ‘Notify when running’ the switch.

Hope you’ve successfully turned off the notifications of automation.

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