How to Drag and Drop Screenshots in iOS 15

Apple has introduced numerous new features in iOS 15. The highlighted features of iOS 15 are Focus and Notification Summary, which can silence the constant stream of new notifications. Another great upgrade for FaceTime has made it better against other video conference apps like Zoom.

However, it’s not always the big features that are included in software upgrades, but some smaller new additions are also required. Apple has introduced the drag and drop functionality in iOS 15. This feature is helpful for the users to drag and drop files, including images and screenshots between apps. And here, in this article, we have discussed how to drag and drop screenshots in iOS 15.

The iOS 15 beta is available for users now, and the company is planning to release it later this year. You can install the beta version of iOS 15 to test all the new features and updates all by yourself.

How to Drag and Drop Screenshots in iOS 15

A thumbnail will display in the lower corner of your Apple device when you capture a new screenshot. When using an iPhone, you can make notes by clicking on the thumbnail or instantly sharing the image. The same thing is also possible on Mac devices, but you will need to use drag and drop functionality. Practically, you can take a screenshot now and move it quickly; for example, you can insert a screenshot in your conversations immediately. Apple has been missing this feature in its devices so far. However, with iOS 15, users will now be able to use the drag and drop feature for screenshots.

The drag and drop feature for screenshots in iOS 15 works similarly as it works on iPad. If you have iOS 15 beta installed on your device, here’s how you can do it:

Take a screenshot on your iPhone with the combination of pressing the Volume Up and side button simultaneously. However, older iPhone users can use the combination of the Home button and Power Button to take a screenshot.

A screenshot thumbnail will appear at the bottom left corner, and you can tap and hold it until the frame will disappear, and a thumbnail will start following your finger.

Use another finger and tap on the app you want to save the screenshot to. You can move the screenshot to Files, Photos, Mail, Messages, Notes, or a third-party application, though compatibility at the pre-release stage is unlikely universal.

You can navigate where you want to save the screenshot within the app. While using the Photos app can be a specific album within the Albums tab where you want to move the screenshot.

Once you have navigated to the place where you want to save this screenshot, you can let the image go with the help of your finger. You will drop the screenshot to your desired place, where it will be saved automatically.

It is essential to know that even if you can drag and drop a screenshot to any app like Photos or Files, it will still get saved automatically in the camera roll, just like all the other screenshots you can take on your iPhone.

It happens because the new drag and drop feature can duplicate the screenshot instead of moving the original one, but this feature is still helpful for sharing and organizing the screenshots.

iOS 15 will be released in September this year, and it will release along with the Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13, and new iPad Mini 6 as well.

Drag and Drop is an excellent feature for moving screenshots quickly, and there will be more improvements that users will see in the future. Thus, you can use this drag and drop feature in iOS 15, as explained above. However, it is necessary to know that this feature can be used with native applications like Notes, Messages, or Mail for now.

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