Hide IP Address in Safari

Back in 2017, Apple implemented a privacy feature known as the Intelligent Tracking Prevention. This made the sites difficult to track users and prevented the creation of histories and browsing profiles. The feature barred the websites from being able to trace the browsing habits of users without their permission. Now Apple has an additional upgrade to their security feature, which allows the users to hide their IP address from the sites. It is an interesting feature and can be easily enabled on all your iOS and Mac devices. So, if you wonder how to hide IP address in Safari on iPad and iPhone, have a read.

Hide IP Address in Safari on iPad and iPhone – iOS15:

Open the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone device

Locate Safari and tap on it

Under the Privacy & Security section, look for the ‘Hide IP Address’ option

Tap on this option, and you will get the option of Trackers and Websites, Trackers Only, and Off

Select the option of Trackers and Websites

This will hide your IP Address in Safari when you are browsing on your iPhone or iPad

Hide IP Address in Safari on macOS Monterey:

Open Safari on your Mac

Click on the Menu that is the top left-hand side of the screen

From the options in the drop-down menu, scroll down to select Preferences

Click on the Privacy tab

Look for the Hide IP Address from the Trackers option and check the box (a tick should be there in the box)

And that’s it.

With your IP address hidden, you can safely browse on your Safari browser without having to worry about trackers and websites following your browsing history or trying to steal your personal data. Follow the above instructions to activate the feature.

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