Photos memory in iOS 15

Apple is best known for regularly updating its iOS with great and alluring features. And for now, Apple has upgraded its Photos memory in iOS 15 to facilitate its use by making the memories look great and refreshing always.

The in-built photo app of Apple has now gifted the users to customize their memory of photos and collect every bit of information about the saved pictures in their device. All thanks to EXIF data present in the iPhone which gives the information about the date of click, place of click, time of the click, from which camera the click was made, and lots more.

Apple iOS 15 has brought a terrific change to its Photos app’s memories feature like customized video tool with thousands of Apple music integration, image contrasts and brightness adjustments, a new interface, and lots more. The new features will be able to customize a video in the Photos app making it look fresh all while. For providing a great cinematic view to the users, Apple has added 12 new “memory looks” that analyze photos and videos and users can adjust contrast and brightness to achieve perfect visuals.

The photo apps also facilitate automation features for recognizing additional memories like international holidays, over time memories, any improved memories, and more. Additionally, they are designed to deliver multi-image collage card which is automatically colonized by Photos app.

Finally, Apple has enhanced the photo app in the beta version to make users’ memories that are more customized, intelligent, and entertaining to watch and interact with. The most notable change in this app is managing different memories. In the new interface, you have the power to select the photos or number of photos to include in your memory and leave the one which you don’t want to add in memory. Meaning in the iOS 15 version of the photos app you are the keeper of your memories and the device will remember your change for the next time. And now, if you are wondering that how to select the images that appear in a Photos Memory in iOS 15, the process is here.

Steps to select the images that appear in a Photos Memory in iOS 15:

Follow the simple steps given below and you will be good to go:

Firstly, Launch the Photos app on your iPhone iOS 15 version

Then, tap the ‘For You’ tab, after, there appear ‘Memories’, under memories by tapping on any memory you can select the image that you want to manage

Further, tap the playing memory for bringing the overlay controls

Next, select the circular ellipsis icon, which is at the upper right corner of the screen

Afterward, select Manage Photos in the dropdown menu

Now, by simply tapping on any image you can select, deselect or select all

In this way, you can see the selected image appear to be in the memory with a blue tick

You can also preview the selected images individually in full screen by tapping show Selected

Finally tap “Done” in the upper right corner, when you are finished making changes, and they will be applied to the memory instantly.

In this way, you can simply select photos that you want to appear in your memories and customize your memory with the photos of your choice. The in-built photo app comes with a myriad of features to enhance your memories and make them sharable.

Important Note:

The photo feature app has made the user’s memory organized with a selected and customized photo gallery, widgets, and lots more. Now, you can no longer see your customized photo with date, memory, and location in the Photos app. It will appear in the selected memory.

The feature of making memories is nice and some users are finding it well but you can’t reverse the process meaning deleting a memory will delete the selected photo in it. In place, you can reset the selected people or photos from memory by the photos app Settings option.

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