Share Whatever's On Your Screen Using Siri

Apple’s iOS 15 brings a barrage of fantastic updates and features for Apple devices. Interestingly enough, we also see Siri getting her fair share of cool upgrades that vastly improved Apple’s signature voice-assistant features. There’s a lot to talk about as far as these updates go, but in this article, we’ll have a look at a new feature that allows you to share whatever’s on your screen using Siri seamlessly. However, not many people are quite aware of how it works; hence we’ll first begin with some basic guidelines that will help you access and use this feature.

How to Share Whatever’s on Your Screen Using Siri?

With the latest update, you can now share anything that’s on your screen with anyone using Siri. Gone are the days of copy-pasting or going through sharing buttons because now you can share anything through instant voice commands.

All you need to do is say ‘Hey Siri’, and then go on to say ‘Share this with (friend name)”. Once Siri processes your voice command, it will immediately ask you to confirm whether or not you want to send it or not, by responding “Are you ready to send it?”. You can now reply with ‘Yes’ to send whatever you’re sharing with your friend or family.

You can say ‘No’ if you think there’s been a mistake or that you don’t want to send it after all. Moreover, before you say ‘Yes/No’, Siri gives you the option of adding a comment to whatever is being shared. You can add a comment and then say ‘Yes’ to share.

The sharing is done through the Messages app, and you can use it to send anything to anyone. So, grab your iPhone now and try this feature right away to experience it firsthand if you hadn’t found out about it already.

What Can You Share Using Siri?

As mentioned before, you can share almost anything starting with photos, weather forecasts, a song, or screenshots in cases where direct sharing is not possible. Previously, such sharing through Siri was not possible because it lacked the necessary contextual awareness required to respond to such requests.

You can even share Apple Podcasts, entire web pages from Safari, and of course, messages. As of now, there is uncertainty as to whether this feature will work with third-party applications, but we are hopeful that it will.

Apple’s Improvements to Siri

Siri has seen its fair share of advancements over the years. The feature was first introduced in iOS 5, which was back in 2011. Since then, the feature has been greatly substantiated with numerous enhancements over the years to make it powerful, meaningful, and as seamless as possible.

In the beginning, understandably, Siri was not as accurate or as fast in processing the commands that it was given as it is today. After the updates in 2015, it got easier to use and caught pace with other voice assistants on the market. It got a lot faster and could even decipher different accents to answer people’s queries properly.

By 2017, Siri had become central to Apple’s iOS. There was a lot of demand for it to adapt to different languages because it was extensively used in non-English speaking countries. By iOS 11, Siri could address queries and questions in different languages and could easily translate answers in the specified language.

With this, Siri became very efficient. Its accuracy improved, and so did its actual voice, which sounded a lot more natural now. The natural voice was a big plus because it contributed to the overall experience of communicating with your phone.

The Future of Siri

Despite the major upgrades over the years, experts still argue that other rival voice assistants are better than Siri. So, Siri still remains under scrutiny and criticism for not owning up to the competition.

Nonetheless, Apple has made significant advances on this front. With the implementation of advanced machine learning techniques, we are bound to see Siri improve and get better over the next few years. Hopefully, it will offer tough competition to its rivals shortly.

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