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The amount of spam emails has been steadily increasing over days. Hide My Email is a fantastic new feature from Apple that protects consumers from fraudulent emails. Apple has introduced many great features in iOS 15 and iCloud+. Hide My Email feature can now protect users across different Apple apps, including Mail, Safari, and more.

What is Hide My Email Feature in Apple?

When you sign up for a free service or website using your primary email address, you will start getting junk mails after few days. These emails can be from anonymous senders and from the website you never sign up for.

When you register your email address for a free service, your email will probably get leaked to a mass marketing website that will start sending you phishing emails. To protect users from this, Apple has introduced a fantastic feature called Hide My Email.

Hide My Email can create a random email address to sign up for any website or app. It helps to ensure that your private email address is secure and not shared with the websites.

New Features of Hide My Email with iOS 15 and iCloud+

Before the update, users were only able to use Hide Me Email for hiding their email addresses from websites and apps while signing up for them.

However, with iCloud+, Apple has introduced a new feature to protect email addresses while sending an email. Whenever users send an email in iOS 15 through the Mail app, they will get the Hide My Email option.

This will be helpful to generate a unique email address, and your primary email address will remain safe. However, all the emails and replies sent to the unique mail address will be sent to the inbox.

How to Enable Hide My Email in iOS 15 while Using iPhone

If you are using iOS 14 or above, you will be able to use the free Hide My Email service for signing up on the new website. Just tap on the signup button for any app or website and then choose Sign in with Apple and select forward email to.

Once Apple releases iOS 15 for the public, paid subscribers of iCloud+ services will get a new option in the iCloud setting called Hide My Email. With the help of this setting, users can manage all of their private relay emails, turn on or erase the private relay email, and much more.

  • Creating a New Address: Users can easily generate a new private relay address and sign up on websites and send emails. However, users will get all the replies on their primary emails.
  • Managing Email Addresses: Users can see all the relay email addresses under creating a new address. Additionally, users can also tap on the app or website name to change settings for a particular service.

How to Change Hide My Email Settings

If you are looking to stop private email service from Apple, there are two things you can try.

  1. Turn Off Email Forwarding

If you are annoyed by the number of emails from any specific website, you can stop receiving the emails by following these simple steps:

Open Settings

Tap on Your Name

Go to iCloud

Now Choose Hide My Email and Select the Service You Want to Stop Receiving Emails From.

Turn Off Forward to.

  1. Changing Forwarding Address

If you have changed your primary email address, you can set your new private email address to receive all the emails on a new address.

Open Settings

Tap on Your Name

Tap on Name, Phone Numbers, Email Option

Tap Forward to

Now, You Can Enter Your New Email Address Where You Will Receive all New or Forwarded Emails

 3. Stop Using Sign in With Apple for Applications

If you want to stop using Sign in with Apple for any specific application, you can follow these simple steps:

Open Settings

Tap on Your Name

Open iCloud

Now Choose Hide My Email

Select a Service You Don’t Want to Use the Apple ID Email With

Tap to Stop Using Apple ID

This article will be helpful for you to learn everything about Hide My Email. It is a great feature introduced by Apple to protect user privacy and data. If you have some questions, please leave your comments below!

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