Spotlight search feature in iOS 15

The latest updates always bring new advancements and features that are specifically developed to improve user’s daily experience. iOS devices have many features that are unexplored by users,  and one of which is the spotlight search feature on lock screens. This new feature comes from the new update iOS 15; All the latest versions of iPad and iPhone have this feature. Let’s take a look at this new Spotlight Search feature in iOS 15 and discuss ways to enable it.

What is the spotlight search feature?

It’s a regular feature that allows users to search for information, apps, and more. However, the iOS 15 update has enhanced it by making it more functional and accessible. The update allows you to download apps from the app store without leaving the spotlight search bar. It also allows you to access apps, maps, photo libraries, and contacts in a much more advanced way. Let’s have a look at it in depth.

It allows you to delete and install apps directly

As soon as you type the app on the spotlight search bar, instead of directing you to the app store, there is now a direct option to download. It significantly saves a user’s time. And in the same way, you can uninstall the app.

You can now access spotlight search from your lock screen

This feature was not available on the previous iOS versions. It allows users to have basic access only since it is locked but in certain situations, it can come in handy.

Enhanced location services

When you are driving it can be quite a lengthy process to unlock the phone and open Google Maps. With the new update, you can access google apps even when your device is locked, and this minor change has saved time significantly and increased user convenience.

Search photos using text

Arguably this is one of the best improvements made in the recent update iOS 15. It can be quite difficult to recall old memories and pictures and when situations need immediate action scrolling through the camera roll can be very time-consuming. However, now using the spotlight search feature you can find any images by simply describing them briefly.

How to turn on or off the spotlight search feature for photos:

It is enabled for most Apple devices, you can check by swiping down the home screen if you see the spotlight search you won’t have to make any changes; however, in rare cases, it may not be on by default; the following steps should eliminate the issue.

Step 1: turn on your apple device and open settings.

Step 2:‘’Photos” will appear as you scroll down, once it does select it.

Step 3: under the “on home screen” suggestion section you will see 4 options.

  1. Show suggestions from the app while
  2. Suggest app
  3. Show app in search
  4. Show content in search

Turn all of these options on, you will have access to spotlight search and as far as searching images is concerned, the last option “suggestions when sharing” will enable your access to share photos.

The new update comes with significant improvements and the enhanced spotlight search feature in iOS 15 has increased user convenience and when compared to older updates accessibility has improved drastically and time is also saved. If you have the latest Apple device or an old version that is not updated yet, now is the time to get it updated and reap the significant benefits it offers.

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