iOS 16

Apple rolled out the fifth beta of iOS 16 today and it finally restored battery percentage on the status bar. Apple removed the battery percentage on iPhones in 2017 when it launched The iPhone X. The whole purpose to remove the battery percentage is to create enough room for the notch and all the sensors in the notch.

If you have an iPhone X or later and you want to see the battery percentage then you have to pull down the control center to see the percentage of battery remaining in your device. Before 2017, the battery percentage appears next to the battery icon which looks good and easy to find out the battery percentage of your device.

Now, with the iOS 16 beta you finally get the battery percentage but this time it is inside the battery icon with a cool animation when your phone is on charging mode. You can’t put the battery percentage outside the battery icon due to the notch. If you connect your device to a charger, the battery icon will turn green and you will see a lightning symbol next to the battery percentage.

If you already updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 16 beta and can’t see the battery percentage then this is because it is not enabled by default. You have to go into the settings app and enable the battery percentage. To enable the battery percentage, go into the settings, then in the battery menu when you find a new toggle called battery percentage. Turn that toggle to enable the battery percentage on your iOS and the battery percentage will appear inside the battery icon. If you have an iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, or iPhone 13 mini then you won’t get this option to enable battery percentage even if you update your device to the latest iOS 16 betas. We hope that these devices will also get this feature with the upcoming betas or on the official stable version of the operating system.

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