Hard Reset iPad mini 6

Apple doesn’t let its user disappoint at any time. With the iPad Mini 6 and its edge-to-edge features, the iPad Mini 6 has no Home Button, and Touch ID is built in place of the Power button, which gives an advanced look to this iPad. The lack of Home button results in re-mapped features and gestures for the iPad Mini 6. To compensate for the lack of a home button, Apple introduced restart, shut down and force restart methods that are common for iPads with no home button. 

A shutdown and restart can be done and treated as the same gesture for iPad Mini 6, while a force restart can be used if a regular restart doesn’t work for the iPad. If you are a new user of iPad mini 6 and wondering how to hard reset iPad mini 6, you have landed at the right place. We have listed the step-by-step procedure for hard reset or Shut down iPad Mini 6. Keep reading to know more.

How to Hard reset your iPad Mini 6

Steps to Hard reset the iPad Mini 6:

Firstly, go to Settings, General from the Home screen and tap Reset.

Tap on the option ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.

A pop-up will come confirming to click Erase. Finally, click the Erase button.

You will see the device will restart, and when it is complete getting started, the device will go back to factory settings and data.

How to shut down or restart your iPad Mini 6

Press and hold the top power button and either volume up or volume down button till a slider appears, prompting to off the iPad.

Turn your finger around the slider to off the iPad Mini 6.

After it gets off, press and hold on to the power button again, you will notice the iPad Mini 6 gets on with the appearance of an Apple logo.

Important Note:

In previous models of iPad Mini, you can simply shut down by pressing the Home button and the side button simultaneously. But, in the iPad Mini 6, you need to do a full shutdown and then start the mini iPad in a separate step.

However, you can also turn off your iPad mini by tapping Settings > General > Shut Down.

How to Force Restart your iPad Mini 6

Firstly, press and quickly release the volume up button and follow the same with the volume down button.

Then, press and hold the top power button until a restart is initiated.

You will see your iPad Mini 6 will get started quickly.

There is no rocket science in resetting or shutting down iPad Mini 6. However, all the gestures used in the new iPad Mini are the same as in the previous versions i.e., iPad Air and iPad Pro.

And, you can easily access to shut down or restart your iPad Mini without a Home button with one simple tweak that feels side button being Home button. Yes, you just have to hold the side and power buttons to get started or sleep off your iPad Mini 6.

Hope this quick guide on hard reset and shut down of iPad Mini 6 was beneficial.

Feel free to comment on your experience with Apple’s new iPad!

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