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For most of us, smartphones are the center of our universe. In fact, life without a smartphone is hard to imagine. The devices are our cameras, our messaging devices, our GPS, our music players and more. If you are looking for an all-around beautifully engineered smartphone with advanced features and almost everything you have ever wished a smartphone could have, then you should try Apple iPhone 5.  

Key Features


1. Stunning Design


iPhone 5 one of the best built and most beautiful smartphones on the market featuring an etched aluminum back and sides, shiny diamond cut beveled edges, glass front, glass inserts on the back and Apple Logo. It is slim (7.6mm) and amazingly light, weighing only 112g, which makes it feel comfortable in your pockets or hands. The front camera sits just above the earpiece.


The headphone jack is located on the bottom edge and allows you to put it in your pocket without changing your grip. Alongside the headphone jack, there are microphone and speaker grills, and a Lightning dock connection. The general construction of iPhone 5 is just excellent. 


2. Colorful Display


The 4-inch screen is crisp, clear, and bright. It’s superb for reading fine texts and picks out any tiny details in photos/videos. Apple used sRGB color gamut that provides more accurate and saturated colors with excellent brightness and contrast. You’ll never experience over-saturation when browsing the web, playing games or watching movies. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it better suited for watching TV shows and videos. The quality of the 4-inch screen is class leading.


3. User-Friendly Interface 


If you have ever used any iPhone before, you will be at home when you finally place your order on iPhone 5. You shouldn’t be worried if you are a new iPhone user since it’s also newbie-friendly. It comes with iOS 6 that’s upgradable to iOS 9.3.3. Apple iOS offers a variety of features (200+) that you will definitely love. 



               In today’s article we will present a few IPhone 5 HD wallpapers available for different platforms of devices. For more of these HD Wallpapers, visit:

4:3 Aspect Ratio Display Devices 1600 x 1200




Multi Dual 1080p




16 x 9 Aspect Ratio Display Devices 1080p



16×10 Aspect Ratio Display 1920×1200

Android Devices 1080p



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