Ireland's Data Regulator is Being Sued For Inaction Against a Complaint

In an unforeseen incident, the Irish data regulator is being sued by Ireland’s Civil Liberties group (ICCL) for not acting properly on a complaint filed by one of it’s members.

This is regarding Google’s RTB complaint filed by Johnny Ryan, an activist and a member of ICCL, whose concerned about the security Google’s offering for users’ data, in it’s real-time ad bidding process. Years after his complaint was filed with DPC, the regulator didn’t make a significant move, triggering the lawsuit from ICCL now.

Lawsuit Against Irish Data Regulator

Google’s data tracking and targeted ads business have always been under regulatory scrutiny of several governments around the world. And Ireland is no exception. A former ad tech insider turned whistleblower, Johnny Ryan has been enforcing data protection laws against tech companies for quite a time.

In this pursuit, he complained to Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) back in 2018, regarding Google’s RTB (real-time bidding) process. He advocated that Google’s practices in trading the web users’ data aren’t properly secured, thus raising security concerns.

Since it’s violating the GDPR laws, Ryan took this matter to DPC, who issued some procedural steps in 2020 that aren’t helpful. And since it took no significant action since then, the Irish Civil Liberties Council (where Ryan is a senior fellow) is now suing DPC.

They called this a “massive Google data breach” that should be checked into. And the Irish High Court has agreed to hear this lawsuit against Data Protection Commission soon.

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