Is Appzilla.Vip Legit is an application that allows users to download iOS and Android apps with unlocked points, coins, free versions, special benefits, and whatever those applications offer. There is such a huge list of applications that can be downloaded from this platform, and many people have tried this platform out. Here is a question that is very normal to arise: Is Appzilla legit? People want to know whether they can download Android and iOS apps from this platform without any hazards or issues or if there will be some kind of malicious activity done on their devices by using this application.

If you have recently come across the name of this application and want to know more about it, go to the complete article down below, as here we have explained whether you should use this platform or not.

Is Appzilla legit?

In short, the answer is no. The domain was first registered in March 2020, which means it is a comparatively new domain and became popular within a short span of time. This platform lets users download paid versions of several applications for free. It means you can easily download the free benefits of different amazing applications without even paying a single fee.

It is classified as a browser highjacker which will eventually bomb your Android or iOS device with several links of promotional content such as advertisements and sponsor links. This will clutter your notifications, send you to redirect links, banners, pop-up ads, and more to gain profit from pay-per-click by manipulating your desire to get free versions of paid applications.

It will not even give anything for free to you, but it will take you time to realize the reality. By that time, the domain would have done it’s work of bombarding you with several promotional malverts. It can also redirect you to certain websites or links when you are trying to browse the web. It can even change your browser’s homepage settings to something with a sponsored website and links that will help the domain developers gain pay-per-click profits.

It can be easily compared to a virus attack, and in most cases, people end up allowing several viruses and malware to enter onto their Android and iOS. Unless you remove it from your Android or iOS device, it will make it difficult for you to control your mobile.

Should You Trust

One thing should always be remembered that applications that offer free benefits are fake in most cases. Though some of them are legit, they can be counted as exceptions. It is always advised to avoid this site. We remember about that was available in February 2020 and had the same kinds of offerings. It is also possible that the same developers developed both websites.

In simple terms, the domain is not reliable at all, and you should always avoid it and also avoid downloading any kind of application from the domain. It is also advised not to use the free versions of any paid application by using any random domain or redirected link, as it can harm your device software severely.

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