Jamaica Confirms First Case of Coronavirus / COVID-19

At 11:00am on the 10th of March, Jamaica confirmed its first case of COVID-19, The Coronavirus. Prior to this there were suspensions and allegations made by locals that the virus has actually been present in the region already however never officially confirmed. Subtle actions and precautions taken by health workers in specific quarantine areas also served to strengthened these suspicions. But nonetheless the nation was addressed on this matter and were told that there wasn’t anything to worry about at the moment.

The case confirmation was made known by Jamaica’s Health and Wellness Minister The Honorable Dr Christopher Tufton at a press conference. The press conference was held at his New Kingston offices.

Jamaica Confirms First Case of Coronavirus / COVID-19

Jamaica Confirms First Case of Coronavirus / COVID-19

A clinical sample was collected and sent to the National Influenza Centre, where laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis today at approximately 11:00 am. The patient and family members have been informed.

The female patient was taken into quarantine on the 9th of March after displaying various symptoms of the COVID-19 virus especially respiratory issues. The young lady is a Jamaican resident that recently returned home from the UK on the 4th of March 2020.

The confirmation of the case means that there are now four Caribbean countries with the virus. Namely the Dominican Republic, St Martin, St Barts and of course Jamaica.

Quotes made by Jamaica’s Minister of Health: “We knew long ago that this day would come, we have been able to delay and what’s important now is for us to contain and to prevent community spread,” he continued. The Chief Public Health Officer of Jamaica Dr Jacquiline Bissasor McKenzie made it known at the press conference that the young female patient is in stable condition. It was reported that she was in Jamaica to attend a local funeral.

Certain assessments and precautions are reportedly being taken by the local Jamaican authorities to further control the situation by tracing those whom she has been in contact and visiting the residing residence of the patient and carrying out an assessment from there. Health and Wellness Minister The Honorable Dr Christopher Tufton urges the Jamaican public to remain calm, asserting that the health ministry is doing all that’s necessary to respond to the emergency.

In the meantime more travel restrictions will be imposed with the ban now applying to Spain, Germany, and France. Travel has already been restricted to and from China, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, and Iran. Jamaican travel ban still in effect.

UPDATE 3/11/2020:

Jamaica has recently confirmed a second imported case of the novel coronavirus / COVID-19. It was made known by the Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton via a post on his official Twitter account. Tufton disclosed that the patient is a US Embassy employee who had recently returned from the United Kingdom. A press conference was held to further discuss the issues at hand.

Jamaica has recently confirmed a second imported case of the novel coronavirus

On the the 3rd of March 2020, Jamaica confirmed its first imported case. Tufton had disclosed that the female patient returned to Jamaica from the UK on the 4th of March for a funeral. Later on the 9th of March after showing respiratory symptoms she then made a visit to the hospital. Stay tuned on KrispiTech for more details on the matter.

UPDATE 3/13/2020:

Taken directly from the Ministry of Health Jamaica website:

Jamaica has confirmed six new cases of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the island.

The cases, which bring to eight the number of confirmed cases, include:

Two males, aged 63 and 67, who came into the island on March 7 from Trinidad, having travelled from Malaysia by way of Dubai and London. They presented at hospital on March 11.
One male, 36, who travelled from Manchester, England. He was taken to hospital from his hotel via ambulance on March 11.
One male, 31, a Jamaican overseas ship worker who came in from the Canary Islands via Portugal and Miami. He arrived in the island on February 25 and presented to hospital with symptoms on March 10.
One male, 58, who is the father of the first patient who was confirmed with COVID-19. He was discovered ill at home on March 11.
And one female, 34, who is a close contact, also of the first patient who was confirmed with COVID-19 on the island.

The Minister of Health and Wellness Dr the Honourable Christopher Tufton will meet with the media on Friday afternoon to provide further details. He is currently examining the level of preparedness for COVID-19 in western Jamaica.

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