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LAVA mobiles which are among India’s mobile manufacturers started the production of smartphones for other OEMs. According to recent reports the company has partnered with Nokia and Motorola.

In this partnership, the company will manufacture smartphones on behalf of Nokia and Motorola. Nokia and Motorola devices come with a tagline “Made in India” at the back of the device. Both these companies are also banking on this tagline.

This partnership will also help both the companies to fully comply with the “Made in India” tagline. With this, they will also manufacture cost effective devices and will sell it at competitive prices.

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LAVA Mobiles starts production of Nokia and Motorola Smartphones:

LAVA mobile is looking to gain some market share again from the Chinese mobiles. They have also started a discussion with one of India’s telecom operators for co-branded devices. Other than that they are also in similar talk with major India’s telecom operator as they did with Nokia.

LAVA mobile is among the few manufacturers which originated from Indian Roots. The company started its operation in 2009 and gradually gain some market share. The company was doing well back then but lost its market share to the Chinese OEMs.

When the Chinese OEMs enter the Indian Market, many local brands are overshadowed by OEMs from their neighboring country. But still LAVA mobile has some presence in the Indian market. They continue selling their feature phones and some smartphones in India.

Additionally, LAVA mobile is making low-cost devices for AT&T and General Electric. The company has partnered with many brands to manufacturer their devices at a low cost.

The biggest advantage of the company is, it has permitted the Indian government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. Under this scheme, the company can avail of many incentives from Indian government. This is the reason why the company has become a contract manufacturer for other brands.

LAVA mobile has increased its production to 30-45 million feature phones. It is still the second biggest manufacturer of feature phones in India.

This contact might help the company to become the largest manufacturer of OEM in India.

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