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Lawnchair 12 launcher brings Android 12 features and more. The developers behind the new release of the Lawnchair launcher have sparked renewed interest in the custom launcher community earlier this year.

The launcher made a comeback last month and the team behind the launcher has pushed out a brand-new alpha build of what is being called Lawnchair 12.

It includes support for many of Android’s newest features. With the new release of Lawnchair 12 not only is there an entirely new team behind it but they’ve also based the update on launcher 3 from Android 12.

This means we have an updated code base of the launcher and that brings improved animations, improved performance, minimized bugs, and allows for some of the Android 12 features to make their way to older versions of Android.

As Lawnchair 12 currently supports Android version 8 and all the way up through Android 12.

If you’re familiar with the older version of Lawnchair, then the biggest change here is going to be the new look and style of the launcher.

You can see a lot of the user interface elements are now based on Android 12. This includes the app drawer, the pop-up boxes that appear when you long press on the home screen, folders on the home screen, and many other user interface elements now look like they do on Android 12.

Another new feature that was adopted into Lawnchair 12 is the material you theming system. Lawnchair cannot theme your entire operating system but it can theme the home screen itself which is what a lot of people use and interact with on a daily basis.

So, the launcher has the ability to extract the dominant color from your home screen wallpaper and use it as the launcher’s user interface style.

Users can see this in the home settings. There is the new accent color feature in the launcher settings which is being pulled from the wallpaper on the home screen.

We can also use accent colors from the system or we can choose specific accent colors. So, if we wanted blue, we can set that and change it to blue, if we wanted green, we can change that and change it to green.

The update also allows us to change the label of an application or simply hide it entirely by long pressing on the application icon. You can tap the little pencil icon and then change the label if you want and you can also hide it from the app drawer as well.

Now, if you like to search the app drawer for your icon for the apps that you want to open up. When you search, it will filter out the applications that do not meet your search requirement. But in Lawnchair 12 while you’re typing you can press the enter button right and it will automatically open up the first highlighted application from that search. So, you don’t have to type in the entire application name you can simply refine the results so that the first application is what you want to open.

Not everyone enjoys the search bar at the top of the application drawer so the latest version of the launcher also includes a way to hide that search bar. We can find it in the home screen settings-app drawer and then show the search bar and you can simply disable that right there.

The new alpha build of launcher 12 also includes an experimental font feature which we can access by going into the home screen settings. Then tapping on general and you can see the font option right in the general settings page as of right now it’s labeled as experimental.

We can go in there and change the icons which affect the font in the home screen of the launcher as well.

The last feature that we want to mention for the launcher is the support for quick switch on Android 11 and Android 12.

For those who are not aware, a quick switch is a Magisk module that enables the Android pie recent apps support on third-party launchers.

If you are running Android 11 or Android 12, this new updated version of Lawnchair 12 does support a quick switch.

And that wraps up a summary of the newest and biggest changes happening in version 12of Lawnchair.

You can download the latest alpha build version 12 of the launcher from the link as it is not available on the Play Store as of now.

Please remember though, this is an alpha build of the update so there are some bugs to be expected.

The developers did just push out alpha build number two which fixed a handful of bugs that were reported very early and we expect this to continue as the development team works on improving the code base and ironing out these bugs.

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