Lenovo Teased to Launch New Smartphones to Rival Redmi Note 9

Going against the likes of Redmi’s upcoming Note 9 series, Lenovo has teased to launch new smartphones in China. It has posted a teaser image in its Weibo account, which has three smartphones showing up their bottom half. While there’s nothing else mentioned in the image, it’s routed to be re-launching Lenovo’s lemon series again.

Lenovo Teases New Smartphone Series

While Lenovo may not be making an authentic mark in the smartphone space as it did it in the laptop industry, it’s at least giving its rivals fair competition in all segments. The company has acquired Motorola to tighten its holding in the budget and mid-range segment and is having Legion handsets as high-end gaming phones.

Lenovo new smartphones
Lenovo new smartphones

Now, it’s gearing up to launch a new smartphone series, that would put the company’s brand in users’ minds again. It has posted a teaser image in its Weibo account, which read as “6 Coming“. While this doesn’t seem to define anything specific, the tag line of this reads as “Three Swords Together.” This is at least aligning with the three phones depicted in the image.

The three phones have their bottom half showing with thin bezels. Nevertheless, there are no other details shared in the image. This turns more interesting when it’s linked to the just recent Redmi Note 9 event. Just a couple of hours earlier to Lenovo’s teaser, Redmi has posted the invites for its upcoming launch on Redmi Note 9 series, scheduled on November 26th this year.

Also, Lenovo’s teaser image seems more like the inverted Redmi Note 9 handset. It’s now touted that Lenovo maybe re-launching the defunct Lemon series again. These were earlier produced in China but stopped without hitting the global market. And now, maybe re-launched to take on Redmi Note 9 series directly.

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