Safe mode for the LG G4 is a great way to find out if a 3rd party application is behaving badly and here is a step by step tutorial for how to enable it.

One of the reasons why so many people love Android over any other mobile platform is the extensive list of features that 3rd party applications can bring. If you want your home screen to look different, simply install a custom launcher on the LG G4. If you want your icons to look different then all you have to do is install an icon pack and then activate them in a launcher.

These features are incredibly useful and to be this useful they must have a lot of control over Android.

This is where the trouble comes into play because if an application is coded poorly, or even just behaving badly because of a bug or a glitch, then that single application can wreak havoc on your LG G4. Google hasn’t implemented an easy way to find out which applications are misbehaving compared to the others. I mean, there is the battery page but this doesn’t give you any details on things like wakelocks or how much of your CPU/GPU is being used by a particular application. Safe Mode doesn’t help to find out which application is causing an issue but it will help you to figure out if it is an application or if it’s something else that is wrong. Something that goes deeper than just a simple application.

LG G4 Safe Mode

  1. Press and Hold the Power Button
  2. Let Go of the Power Button When the Power Menu Appears
  3. Tap and Hold the ‘Power Off’ Option
  4. Tap on the ‘OK’ Option When Told About Rebooting into Safe Mode
  5. Wait Until the LG G4 Reboots into Safe Mode


Safe Mode for the LG G4 is a way for you to disable all 3rd party applications from use. The reason why Google added it is so that we can find out if a 3rd party application is the reason why something is wrong with our phones. For example, if you are experiencing excessive battery drain on the LG G4, then it is recommended that you boot into Safe Mode and monitor your battery usage while in this mode. If your battery drain improves while in Safe Mode then a 3rd party application is likely the culprit and now it is your job to find out which one it is.

The same can be said about poor performance on the LG G4 too. If your new smartphone isn’t performing how you think it should then go ahead and boot it up into Safe Mode and then see how core Android applications perform then. If the G4 doesn’t show the same signs of lag and sluggish performance while in Safe Mode then it is most likely a 3rd party application that is causing the issue. You should go through your applications one by one, uninstalling them, until you find the one that is causing the issue. This can be anything from a game that won’t terminate to a messenger application that keeps your phone awake all the time.

To get into the LG G4 Safe Mode, you’re going to want to have your device powered on and sitting in the home screen. From here, tap and hold the Power button down until you see the Power Menu appear. Once you see the Power Menu appear, you can then let go of the Power button. You’re going to need to tap and hold on the ‘Power Off’ option that you see in the Power Menu and after a few seconds of holding you should see dialog box appear about Safe Mode. This dialog box tells you that you’re about to reboot into the LG G4 Safe Mode and once you tap on the ‘OK’ option, you will see your LG G4 reboot.

Once the LG G4 boots back up, you’re going to see a watermark at the bottom left of the screen. This watermark is always present when you are in Safe Mode so you don’t forget you are in Safe Mode. This is a reminder so that when you see your 3rd party application icons are grayed out, and you get a disabled reminder when you try to open them, you’ll know why those applications are grayed out. Your LG G4 will remain in Safe Mode until you reboot your device. So just press and hold the Power button again to bring up the Power Menu and then tell it to reboot.


  1. ok my phone will turn on but only shows the lg lifes good with powered by android at the bottom and ive tried reseting the phone which didn’t work now im trying to go into safe mode which will not work im just wondering if theres anything I can do to get rid of a virus or whatever us making my phone not turn completely on… any help here would be greatly appreciated !!!!!

        • no customization change. No recent new change. Yesterday the screen became black and it was not possible to turn it on. After a few attempts I extracted the battery and pressed the power button hoping that this would release static energy. No improvement, the mobile did not boot (nor power on). Today I searched online and after several attempts I was able to power it on sometimes (by removing and reinserting the battery, then clicking power button and lower volume button). Sometimes it powered off, sometimes it kept rebooting and some other times it started optimizing apps. One time it completed the optimization of all the apps and let me enter the Home Menu (without asking me for the PIN number of my SIM card…strange) . I had the time to copy a small part of my contacts from the phone to google, and then it shut down. Since then, I have not been able to power it on nor boot it up.

  2. I have the same problem as the person below. My screen won’t go past the LG screen. I was using it with nothing new installed and it froze and now won’t go past that screen. Once, it came all the way on and then it stopped at the Verizon screen and now its back to just the LG screen. It isn’t frozen as the screen will stay on for about 10 seconds and then go dark and then come back on after a couple of seconds. Its like it is trying to reboot but just can’t for some reason. I can’t even power off without removing the battery. I got into safe mode by using “volume down” key. What I didn’t get from your tutorial is, what do I do if it won’t function in safe mode either? Another tutorial talks about wiping the cache but doesn’t tell what effect it would have. I haven’t done a factory reset bc I am afraid to lose recent pictures. I will do that next, however, unless I find an answer.

  3. When I was charging my phone it suddenly power off , and cant start. Its a hardware issues or the usb cable?

    • It could be either one. You’ll have to troubleshoot by trying a different cable, different charging brick, and different power outlet to see if it’s any of those.

      If it still won’t power on, then it could be just the battery that is dead and won’t accept a charge. If you have tried a different battery, then it’s likely a hardware issue inside the phone that is busted

  4. My phone shut off and now won’t turn on. It blinks blue n red then when I try to softhe, hard, or do any reset it stops blinking. I don’t see anyou logos either. Just pure black. Any advice

  5. I am trying to recover pictures from an AT&T LG G4 (H810) that powers on, gets past the LG boot screen, takes a long time (~5 min) apparently doing an Android update (white screen with AT&T logo), then updates 30 (of 30) apps, then loops back to the white AT&T logo screen, repeating indefinitely (at least 30 times that I have had the patience to witness). I have tried freezing the phone and blow-drying the chip on the motherboard, no result. I can get to the Factory Reset (Vol Down/Power) but do not wish to lose the data. I cannot get to the typical Android menu to Clear Cache (Vol Up/Power). *All I want is the pictures*, as I’m all done with the phone. No backups exist.


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