When was the last time you washed or cleaned your LG G4? Today I wanted to talk about and show you a few ways to clean and disinfect your LG G4.

The smartphone has become the most personable product over the last 5 years and it truly is amazing to watch how it is transforming society. There have been studies that show the average person keeps their smartphone closer to them than their wallet(throughout the entire day).

We’ve become accustomed to washing our hands and even using products like sanitizers to keep our hands clean. So with a product that we put in our hands way more than we wash them, how often do you clean your LG G4?

It’s usually very surprising to hear how little people actually clean their smartphones. It’s just not something that most people think of until you ask them about it. Not everyone has a water-resistant device either so it’s not like we can just rinse them under the faucet and this fear of getting our phones wet actually contributes to the reason why we rarely clean them. Unless you use a wash cloth or a paper towel that is dripping wet, then you should be safe to clean the outside of your device. However, doing this with regular water will not disinfect the germs that are already on the device.

So let’s talk about a few products that we can use to clean and disinfect our LG G4.

Warning – If you have an LG G4 with the leather back then you’ll want to stay away from alcohol-based cleaners. Alcohol will dry out and potentially crack the leather on the back cover of the LG G4 so please be aware of that. I also want to warn you that alcohol-based cleaners can remove the Oleophobic coating that OEMs put on the screens to reduce fingerprints. This coating goes away on its own over time, but using an alcohol-based cleaner will completely remove it.

Wipes and Sanitizers

Let’s talk about a couple of products that are common in a lot of households around world. I’m sure you’ve seen these Clorox wipes(or other brands) before and in my opinion they do very well on our smartphones. I’ve been using these Clorox wipes for a few years now(I call them Lazy Wipes because of how quick and easy they are) and I’ve started using them on my smartphones and tablets as well and I’ve been very happy with the results. These wipes aren’t dripping wet, although they do leave some liquid on the outside of a device, so they shouldn’t cause any water damage to it. At least I’ve never damaged any of my devices with them.

If you don’t have these wipes, but do use hand sanitizer like Purell, then you could use that on the outside of your LG G4. Again, be careful with the leather back cover, but the front and sides should be fair game. You could simply put a dab of it on the smartphone screen and then use a paper towel or a napkin to rub it around. Studies say that hand sanitizer needs to be on your hand for at least 15 seconds to kill all the germs. . .so I would say the same rule applies to the smartphone as well. Just don’t let it drip into the ear speaker while you’re waiting for it to kill the germs.

Smartphone Wipes

If you’re worried about these alcohol-based cleaners and would like something more specialized, then they do make wipes specifically for smartphones. These wipes shown above were found on Amazon and I bet you could find them just about anywhere that sells smartphones and tablets. I’m not sure how these special wipes compare to say, Wet Ones hand wipes, so you might want to do some tests for yourself. I’m not sure if regular hand wipes will disinfect the germs though, so be aware of that.


This product sounds like a liquid cleaner, but it it is actually something completely different. I first saw this product on an episode of Shark Tank and then noticed that they started selling them on Amazon. The idea is that you can put your smartphone inside this shell of a container, and then turn it on. What it does is blast UV-C rays all around your LG G4 and this is what kills the germs and bacteria that get on our smartphones every day. The image shows an older iPhone charging cable, but it simply uses a regular USB connector to let you charge your device while it is being disinfected.

This means that you can put your phone in there at night and have PhoneSoap disinfect and charge your device throughout the night. If you’re not wanting to do this though, then you’ll be happy to learn that it only takes 5 minutes of use before your device is completely disinfected.


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