If you ever need to manually flash a firmware (TOT) file on the LG G5, then you’ll first need to boot up into Download Mode and this is how it’s done.

The LG G5 Download Mode is a special boot mode that is typically required in order to root, flash a custom recovery like TWRP, or to just return to stock by manually flashing a firmware (TOT) file. LG includes this special boot mode for user emergencies and so they themselves can repair a device is something is wrong with the software.

For example, if you root the LG G5 and then install something bad that causes it to go into a bootloop then this Download Mode will come in handy.

You would then have the option to boot up into the LG G5 Download Mode and manually flash a firmware to fix the mistake. Or, if you sent the device in for repair, their technicians will boot up into the LG G5 Download Mode so they can repair the software. This is similar to Fastboot Mode on Nexus devices as it gives you special access to certain parts of the LG G5’s storage.

If you ever come across this situation, then all you have to do is follow the steps below and you’ll be taken to the LG G5 Download Mode. In the video and the explanation below, I’ll talk about how to manually get out of Download Mode on the LG G5 too.

LG G5 Download Mode

  1. Power Off the LG G5
  2. Connect a USB Cable to the PC
  3. While the Device is Off, Press and Hold the Volume Up Button
  4. Continue Holding the Volume Up Button and Plug in the USB Cable


So to start, we’ll need to turn off the LG G5. We can do this via the regular Power Menu on the device, or we can simply pull the battery to make it turn off. If you go with the battery pull method, then just remember to put the battery back in so it can actually boot back up :). While the device is powering off, go ahead and connect your USB cable to the PC and get ready to plug it in. Don’t plug it in just yet though, just make sure that it is on hand so you can plug it in after the next step.

While the LG G5 is off, press and hold the Volume Up button. Continue holding this Volume Up button and do not let it go until after you get the device into the LG G5 Download Mode. So while the Volume Up button is pressed, go ahead and plug in the USB cable (it has to be connected to your PC on the other end). Continue holding the Volume Up button until you see the Download Mode message that is shown at the very top of this article.

Once you see that Download Mode message, you can go ahead and let go of the Volume Up button. Once that Download Mode message goes away, you’ll see some text at the top that says Firmware Update, then some circular arrows underneath it. Then you’ll see a progress bar under that and you’ll see a warning message to tell you not to unplug the USB cable while you’re doing the firmware update. Unless you have initiated something from PC after you have booted into the LG G5 Download Mode, then you can ignore that warning message.

If you’re manually flashing a firmware file, then be patient and wait for it to be completed. You’ll notice the LG G5 reboot on its own after you manually install that firmware file. However, if you’re just testing what the LG G5 Download Mode is, or maybe you accidentally booted into it, then you’re safe to unplug the USB cable. As you can see if the video above, I was able to reboot back into Android by unplugging the cable, pulling the battery and then booting back up like normal.



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