Here, you will find methods to unlocking the bootloader of every version of the LG G6 (when they become available) so be sure to bookmark this guide.

I’m not quite sure what the best way of displaying this information is, since there are different methods of unlocking the bootloader depending on which version of the LG G6 you have. So instead of making one guide for each individual variant of the LG G6 (because there are a lot), I figured the best way would to just have one single guide that lists all of the methods that are available at any given time. This means it will only include the T-Mobile variant right now.

However, as time goes by there will be more versions added here so again, please be sure to bookmark this page and stay up to date with it.

Depending on the actual device, the process in which you will unlock the bootloader of the LG G6 will be different. For example, LG’s bootloader unlock tool for the international version will require you to get permission from LG themselves. But the T-Mobile LG G6 bootloader can be unlocked by a simple fastboot command.

Note – Unlocking the bootloader of the LG G6 will wipe all of the user data off of your device. This is how it is on other devices and it remains the same for the LG G6. So be sure to backup as much of your information as possible before you proceed with this tutorial.

T-Mobile LG G6 Unlock Bootloader (LG-H872)

  1. Enable Developer Mode on the LG G6
  2. Enable OEM Unlocking on the LG G6
  3. Boot the LG G6 into Fastboot Mode
  4. Type the following command into the Command Prompt. . .
  5. fastboot oem unlock
  6. . . .then press Enter on the keyboard
  7. Wait for the Command Prompt to tell you the process has finished
  8. Then type the following command into the Command Prompt. . .
  9. fastboot reboot
  10. . . .and press Enter on the keyboard to boot the LG G6 back into Android


If you’re familiar with unlocking the bootloader of Nexus and Pixel devices, then you’ll feel right at home here. The process is very straight forward with the T-Mobile LG G6 and I appreciate them allowing this on their LG flagships for as long as they have. So to start, you’ll need to follow the ADB and Fastboot steps that I have linked before this guide even starts. I recommend the linked Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools as it makes things easier, and you’ll need to have the ADB service started with the ADB Devices command.

With that done, the next thing you’ll need to do is enable the hidden Developer Mode menu on the LG G6. We need to do this because there is a toggle in there that allows you to unlock the bootloader. If you skip this step, you’ll be given an error when you try to unlock the bootloader of the LG G6. So be sure to go through those steps so that you can then boot the LG G6 into Fastboot Mode as instructed in the linked guide above.

LG G6 Fastboot Mode Menu
This is the LG G6 Fastboot Mode menu you will see on the T-Mobile variant.

Now, you’ll be sitting in Fastboot Mode of the T-Mobile LG G6 and there will be some text on the screen. You can ignore that since you’re following this guide and instead turn your attention back to the Command Prompt. You just need to execute the fastboot oem unlock command and then the process is done. Other devices show you a confirmation screen after typing in this command to be sure you actually want to unlock the bootloader.

That is not the case here and once you execute that command the bootloader is then unlocked. So once that is done, you can simply execute the fastboot reboot command in the Command Prompt and that will reboot the LG G6 and bring you back into Android. Since this whole process wipes your user data, you’ll be taken to the Android activation screen and asked to enter your Google account back into the device. You’ll then need to setup all of your applications and games and settings again unless you have a backup that you can restore from.


  1. Hey guys,
    I hope this is the right place to ask about this. Can you recommend an actual unlocking service, to get rid of the carrier lock? Thanks!

  2. Hey! Yesterday I bought a “barely used” LG G6 at what seemed like a pretty good price at the time. I was pretty happy with it until I realized it won’t install some of the apps and claims they’re incompatible with my device. Well, then I realized that I’ve been ****ed over big time and that the bootloader has been unlocked. I probably don’t have a valid warranty now, do I? The model number is LG-H870.

    Since I never poked around Android phones, all of the information I found on re-locking the bootloader seem pretty vague and incomprehensible to me. In short, I need “re-locking the bootloader on LG G6 for dummies”. I really don’t have a clue how it goes or what I’m supposed to to, so I would appreciate any help you may provide.

  3. Are you saying that for the Tmo H872 model you don’t need a bootloader unlock code from LG? That all you have to do is plug it into minimal ADB and issue fastboot unlock command and that’s, BL will be unlocked?


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