LinkedIn is Leaving China Citing Challenging Environment

LinkedIn on Wednesday said it now has over 1 billion members on it’s platform, and is adding more AI features for premium users this week.

Some include finding an active candidate, whether suitable for your needs or not and making recommendations to make your profile better for being more competitive. There’s even an option to summarise long posts for easier understanding.

A Milestone For a Few Platforms

LinkedIn, the job-focused social platform acquired by Microsoft in 2016, announced having over a billion users on it’s platform. LinkedIn says that over 80% of the recent members are signing up outside the US.

This is a superficial feat, considering that only a handful of social media platforms have achieved a billion users or more. LinkedIn doesn’t have a presence in China, considering the strict rules the nation has in place. Though LinkedIn crafted a suitable app to satisfy the local government, it was pulled out earlier this year.

Anyhow, LinkedIn is also jumping into the AI bandwagon with new features announced on Wednesday, exclusive to it’s paid users. LinkedIn Premium plan costs $39.99 monthly and has many benefits, including seeing who viewed your profile.

Now, the premium job posters can better find candidates who are suitable for their needs, whereas the Premium job seekers can get AI suggestions to make their profile more competitive for a job and lastly, there’s a new button to summarise long posts into crucial bullet points tailored for each user.

This adds to the AI-based writing feature LinkedIn announced in June, which helps users write interactive posts with just a few keywords.

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