Make WiFi Signal Stronger Google Pixel And Pixel XL

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on Make WiFi Signal Stronger Google Pixel And Pixel XL.

Basic reasons why The Google Pixel or Pixel XL Internet speed is moderately  slow:

Poor signal or low signal quality.

Poor Wi-Fi network signal strength.

Site is under an excessive number of requests from clients trying to get to the site.

Network clog or an excessive number of clients on the network.

Applications running in the background.

Gadget memory is low.

Web cache is corrupted or full.

Try and Update the Pixel or Pixel XL firmware.

Obsolete program software or program software requires update.

Surpassed data speed limit.


Any of the reason above can be causing the moderate or slow WiFi network speed on the Google Pixel or Pixel XL. Despite everything you have tried you can’t make sense of how to settle the awful Internet speed issue, take after the guidelines underneath on the most proficient method to make the WiFi signal strength a bit more stronger on the Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

Check Pixel or Pixel XL For Malware:

In the event that the mentioned explanations above didn’t solved the moderate or slow Internet connection on the Google Pixel or Pixel XL, verify whether there is malware on the phone. You can download a free antivirus  application from the Google Play Store. It’s prescribed to download a malware application that has great reviews to get the best results to settle the slow speed Internet issue on your Pixel or Pixel XL.

On the off chance that something was distinguished amid the malware scan of the smartphone, take a stab at clearing the cache and data on your Pixel and Pixel XL. On the off chance that the issue is still there after that, play out a factory reset on the Pixel or Pixel XL to convey back everything to default. It’s vital to note that before you go to factory reset a Pixel and Pixel XL, you ought to back up all files and data to keep any data from being lost.


Clear cache on Pixel or Pixel XL

If for reasons unknown the Pixel and Pixel XL Internet speed is still moderate, doing a “wipe cache partition” ought to settle this issue. This technique erases no data from the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. All data, for example, photographs, files and messages are not erased and will be safe. You can play out the “Wipe Cache Partition” work in the Android recovery mode.


Ensure WiFi is switched on Pixel or Pixel XL:

It’s extremely normal that your Pixel or Pixel XL could possibly be associated with a slow WiFi signal, and you should you check to ensure the WiFi is switched on. The accompanying will take you to the Wi-Fi settings of the Pixel and Pixel XL:

Turn on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Select on Menu.

Select Settings.

Select Connections.

Select Wi-Fi.

Touch the ON/OFF slider beside Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi OFF then back on.


Get Technical Support:

For those that have done all that they can to resolve the moderate Internet connection speed on the Pixel or Pixel XL, it’s proposed to take the smartphone back to the store or to a shop where it can be checked for any harmed.


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