Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp Announced Communities Feature

Clearing the rumors of a new Communities features on WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg has said what’s the future plan of WhatsApp in a Facebook blog post.

After him, WhatsApp too noted in it’s blog post that a number of features that are in development currently are coming soon to users. These include the Communities, and increased file sharing limit, new tools for group admins, and more.

WhatsApp Communities is Going Live Soon

As WhatsApp is one of the social platforms that’s widely used for group chatting, the makers are thinking of a better way to engage several groups at once – and it’s through Communities. As noted by Meta’s head Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp Communities will help organizers of several groups manage them easily.

WhatsApp Communities
WhatsApp Communities

For example, a school principal being the head of several schools’ WhatsApp groups, can pass messages to all of them at once, and track their progress updates in a better and more dedicated way. A relief campaign having several teams under it – like shelter, food, rescue – can update all the teams at once.

This feature is currently under development, so it takes time to be available for beta testers even. When available, a separate tab is dedicated to viewing Communities formed by group admins of several relevant groups. Besides this, WhatsApp has also confirmed the below features;

  • Larger File Sharing Limit
    WhatsApp is already testing the larger file sharing limit of upto 2GB with some users in Argentina and may expand this to more users in more countries.
  • Leaving Groups Silently
    Participants of a group can now leave the group without notifying anyone.
  • Message Reactions
    WhatsApp will support reacting to messages with several emojis.
  • Bigger Group Calls
    The group video calls will be increased from the current limit of 8 to 32 in the future.
  • New group size
    The total number of participants in the group (currently 256 max) could be increased to more.
  • Admin Delete for everyone
    Group admins get more tools to manage the group better, with one among them being the ability to delete a message for everyone.

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