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Mark Zuckerberg Introduces His Artificial Intelligence Jarvis.

Mark Zuckerberg Introduces His Artificial Intelligence Jarvis


Introduction to Jarvis

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make a wonderful use of Artificial Intelligence and he crafted a fantabulous virtual assistant for his home. This virtual butler is named Jarvis. People who have reviewed this technical marvel are giving out rave reviews. It appears that Jarvis is as cool as the robot used by Iron Man in the Iron Man movies.

This technology permits users to talk to their butler using a smartphone or even within the house. This Do it yourself seems to be the primary step in applications in responsive voice-based artificial intelligence. This application seems to suggest that technology is outpacing dreams on expectations from technology.

Just looking at the initial application of Artificial Intelligence, we are convinced that there are innumerable possibilities in future technologies using Artificial Intelligence. We just checked some of its features and we are left totally zapped.


What does Jarvis do?

This assistant greets known family members and acquaintances and permits them inside. Then it informs Mark about their visit. It even sets the room temperature correctly as per his convenience. 

That’s a cool application of Facebook’s facial recognition feature being implemented for real life applications. Also, contacting the assistant using Facebook messenger is cool.

This assistant not only greets members each morning, but also:

§ Slides opens the curtain each morning

§ Keeps his breakfast toasts warm and ready at the right time

§ Dispenses a new shirt in a cool manner using a miniature cannon. 

§ Rhymes are played for his daughter and it even teaches his daughter Mandarin

§ Television and radio are activated with a simple voice command

§ Switching off the lights upon instructions


The virtual butler speaks in the voice of actor Morgan Freeman. How cool is that! 



How was Jarvis created?

We have heard that Mark took over a year to come with the idea and implementation. Mark created an app for his iPhone for Jarvis which enables Jarvis to interconnect with all connect all the smart devices and phones in his house. Jarvis is able to control doors, lights, thermostats, and all the devices. 

This might have been just a Do it yourself for Mark Zuckerberg. For the world, this just demonstrates an application of Facebook technology to create a great setting for future homes. While Zuckerberg’s primary reason for building Jarvis was a resolution to get more familiar with Facebook’s latest engineering, he’s already opened our eyes to what can be the future. 

Seems that a billionaire can go just about anything.



Future applications of Jarvis

Facebook was created to help us connect with friends and acquaintances and share their world. It appears that in the future, it might even assist us to have a great household setting and simplify our daily requirements. Perhaps in the future, artificial intelligence will do more stuff like having clothes washed, cutting the grass from the backyard, ordering important food items from the grocery store, teaching kids important skills, and a hell lot more. Those days do not appear distant now. I think that our kids will be living is a truly golden age.



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