Mastercard Announced a New Biometric Checkout Program For its Retailers

Following the suite of several fintech companies, Mastercard announced a new biometric checkout program, that’s safe and securely stores the users data.

Trailing first in Brazil, Mastercard said this program will let users pay either by waving a hand over the reader or by smiling at the camera. Usable at both online and in-store means, Mastercard offers a loyalty program integrations and personalized product recommendations for consumers too.

Mastercard Biometric Checkout

To make the checkout process easier, secure and better interactive, Mastercard last week announced it’s first biometric system for payments. Detailing the rigorous steps retailers have to take to safeguard the payers data, Mastercard said it will initially trail this program in Brazil, and later in the Middle East and Asia.

Talking on this, Ajay Bhalla, president of cyber & intelligence at Mastercard, said “Our goal with this new program is to make shopping a great experience for consumers and merchants alike, providing the best of both security and convenience.”

Mastercard is currently working with NEC, Aurus, PaybyFace, PopID and Fujitsu Limited to deploy this tool globally. Any participant (retailer) intends to join the biometric program should adhere to Mastercard’s data security policies.

And to attract them, Mastercard is offering loyalty program integrations and personalized product recommendations for consumers options. Usable on both online and in-store means, customers can either wave to the reader, or smile to the camera to pay their bill.

Amazon has already been offering a biometric checkout at some of it’s stores, followed by Whole Foods since last month. Both use Amazon One technology to let users pay through their palm of their hand.

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