Messenger Room

The Coronavirus Pandemic has given the rise to the video conferencing services. Zoom has been the leader when it comes to video conferencing services.

To compete with zoom many companies jumped in this segment and launch their own video call service. Microsoft Teams, Google Meets are the main competitors of the Zoom. However, zoom leads every other company by a huge margin.

Facebook also tried to take the share in the pie by launching its own video conferencing service messenger rooms.

Facebook adds a new feature in its recently released messenger room in which users can share their video calls live on their Facebook account or page.

To those who haven’t heard of the messenger room, it is a service launch by Facebook in which 50 people can call with each other.

The admin can invite a maximum of 50 peoples in a video call by just sharing a link similar to zoom. The other recipients don’t need to have a Facebook or Messenger account. They just have to open the link and become a member of the video call.

The social media giant launched this service in April this year to allow users to have a house party. Due to coronavirus lockdown, the trend of the house party is on peak and many are having a virtual house party.

But due to the rise in popularity of Zoom, Facebook changed the idea and convert it into a video calling software. The first demo of this messenger room video calling service came out in June.

There are some issues that users need to understand before broadcasting their sessions live. The admin or the host has full control of the video call session. He is only responsible for inviting or removing a person from the call.

But it is on the participants to choose whether to stay on the call when the session will be live. If the participants don’t want to go live then they simply leave the session without the permission of the host.

Facebook hasn’t given the statistics details of the messenger room and it is not yet clear how many people use it. However, this new update will certainly be made to get new users.

Many users are already streaming their zoom calls live as zoom has that option. So it is a good opportunity for Facebook to compete with zoom in this and gain more users.

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