Microsoft Added VPN and IPv6 Support For Windows 11 Subsystem for Android

Extending the scope of Windows Subsystem for Android, Microsoft rolled out a bunch of features and bug fixes for Windows 11 Insiders in the US.

The June 2022 feature update added IPv6 and VPN support for Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 and the ability for apps to access the ARM capabilities of local devices. Alongside, there are other features and bug fixes mentioned by Microsoft in this update.

Additional Network Connectivity in Windows 11 WSA

Out of the many features Windows 11 has got, the Windows Subsystem for Android is a great one. This lets users run millions of Android apps on their Windows 11 system natively, or in x86 emulation based on their hardware resources.

Now, Microsoft is expanding it’s capability by adding even more features to it. This comes in the form of a new feature update to Windows 11 Insiders, released as the June 2022 update, bumping the Windows Subsystem for Android to v2205.40000.14.0.

As per it, the US Windows 11 Insiders can see support for IPv6 and VPN connectivity added to their WSA, plus the ability for apps to access the local network devices for ARM computers. Aside from this, here are all the other features and bug fixes Microsoft reported;

  • The IP address of the VM has been updated and it’s now the same as the host/computer IP.
  • Microsoft has fixed issues with maximizing or resizing.
  • Microsoft has fixed scrolling issues with mouse and trackpad in apps.
  • As part of privacy updates, Microsoft has confirmed that windows marked secure can no longer be screenshotted. This includes the incognito mode of Chrome.
  • Microsoft is improving web browser launching.
  • Enabled support for doze and app standby.
  • Updated to Chromium WebView 101
  • Microsoft has fixed app flickering and graphics corruption, video playback, issues with the network, and more. In fact, Microsoft claims the update increases the performance and reliability of connecting to virtual WiFi.
  • Microsoft is improving video playback in apps and adding support for the AV1 codec.
  • Microsoft has fixed video playback issues including a bug that can prevent the screen from turning off in Windows.

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