Microsoft Announced a New Game Bar For Win11 Gamers With Xbox Controllers

Gamers playing through joysticks on Windows 11, here’s good news for you all – Microsoft is making a dedicated Game Bar for Windows 11 gamers with Xbox Game Controller.

Named the Controller Bar, this widget has essential tools like the option to take a quick screenshot, record the screen etc while gaming. This can be activated and managed with the Xbox Game Controller users are playing with, unlike the keyboard and mouse.

Windows 11 Controller Bar For Gaming

One of the finest features that Microsoft brought with the launch of Windows 11 is the Game Bar – a floating bar with quick options for taking a screenshot or recording the screen while gaming. This is an essential service to Those who are gaming on their PCs, as they desire to capture and store the best moments of a game.

So hitting Windows key + G opens up the Game Bar and lets them capture the moment they want. But, this is helpful for only those who’re playing games with a keyboard and a mouse. Those who are playing with the joysticks are left stranded.

Thus, Microsoft is now bringing Controller Bar, a dedicated Game Bar for users who play with Xbox Game Controller. This is available for Windows 11 users running on build 225xx or higher and is enrolled in the Xbox Insider program.

Xbox game bar Windows 11

If you’re one of those, head onto the Microsoft Store, find the Xbox Insider Hub, and install it. Once done, open it and enable the Game Bar (Controller Bar) option. You will see this once you pair in (or plugin) your Xbox Game Controller to the system, and press the Xbox button on your controller.

The new Controller Bar functions similar to the existing Game Bar but slightly better. More than a floating ribbon, this seems like a widget and has essential options to capture the best moments of a game.

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