The hacking group Lapsus$ which previously hacked Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones source code has now hacked Microsoft’s Bing and Cortana source code from it’s internal servers. Lapsus$ stole 37GB of data from Microsoft’s internal server, including Bing and Cortana partial source codes.

Microsoft also confirmed source code hacking via an official blog post on it’s security forum. The Redmond headquarter firm said that they have been monitoring the activities of the hacking group Lapsus$ which previously hacked sensitive data from other tech companies like Samsung, Nvidia, and Ubisoft.

The company said that they have recognized the hacking group as “DEV-0537” and that they have stolen some parts of the source code of Microsoft’s products and services including Bing and Cortana.

MTIC or Microsoft Threat Intelligence center says that the main objective of this activity “is to gain elevated access through stolen credentials that enable data theft and destructive attacks against a targeted organization, often resulting in extortion.” MTIC also points out the methods which Lapsus$ used to steal sensitive data.

Microsoft confirms that the hacking of sensitive data from the company’s internal server will not pose any threat to the users or the company. The company also said that their response team has immediately shut down the data extortion process upon finding the hacking activity. Thus, the hacking group could not gain access to the entire source code of Bing and Cortana. On the other hand, the hacking group confirmed that they stole 45% of Bing codes and around 90% of Bing Map codes.

The tech giant said that they are closely monitoring all the activities of Lapsus$ through it’s threat intelligence team. They also said that other companies should also use multiple security systems like multifactor authentication to secure important and sensitive data from hacking groups.

Microsoft published a detailed blog post on it’s official forum about this hacking activity which you read to find out more about the data breach.

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