Microsoft: Cyberattacks Against Ukraine and NATO Nations on Rise

Observing a new pattern of attacks, Microsoft said the cyberattacks from the Russian state hacking group called Sandworm have increased against Ukraine in recent times.

Warning that such attacks continue to happen throughout this winter, Microsoft advised Ukraine and all other NATO nations to prepare their cyber defenses. Sandworm group has a very successful attacking record against Ukraine and other countries in the past.

Increased Cyberattacks Against Ukraine

Earlier this year, Microsoft warned that several Russian intelligence agencies have ramped up their efforts to hit Ukraine’s critical organizations for stealing sensitive data. Now, these efforts have been scaled further to include the NATO nations that are supporting Ukraine in the war.

As Ukraine doesn’t seem to back off, Russia is using it’s intelligence hacking group Sandworm to cyberattack Ukraine and other NATO nations, helping it in the ongoing war. Sandworm has a two-decade history of successful attacks against it’s targets, including a few in Ukraine, causing power blackouts.

Microsoft says these attacks are on the rise, considering a pattern showing the growth of cyberattacks against Ukraine. The company has also warned other NATO nations that are supplying resources to Ukraine in the war.

“We should also be prepared for cyber-enabled influence operations that target Europe to be conducted in parallel with cyber threat activity.”

Warning the concerned nations to be prepared for these cyberattacks, Microsoft notes that the trend will continue throughout this winter. All organizations – related to government or not – should follow due diligence in their operations to patch any bugs and safeguard themselves.

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