Microsoft Defender Starts Rolling Out to Microsoft 365 Subscribers

To protect individuals subscribed to Microsoft 365 suite from malware, Microsoft is rolling out it’s Defender for Individuals software to the public now.

This has been in testing for a while now in the preview channel and is now available to Microsoft 365 users. Microsoft Defender has a dedicated malware protection engine to spot and alert users of any malware prevailing on the logged-in devices. Also, it provides tips to stay secure all the time.

Protecting Individuals From Cyber Threats

Microsoft has a separate security suite for protecting it’s corporate clients and personal clients, but it’s now forced to offer the enterprise suite of security – Microsoft Defender to individuals too as they asked so. Microsoft Defender is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, which was previously dedicated only to enterprises.

But at many people’s request, Microsoft started tweaking and testing the Defender suite for individuals too. This has been available for Microsoft 365 users in the Windows Preview channel for months, and now rolling out to everyone eventually.

Individuals with Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscriptions can download (12) and login to the Defender suite, and have all their devices hooked up instantly. With a dedicated malware protection engine, Microsoft Defender is capable of detecting and alerting users of any suspicious activities happening on their devices.

Also, it offers regular tips to stay secure too. It can intelligently detect other security engines on the devices beforehand, like iOS and Windows systems have default security protections, and not push users to upgrade to Microsoft’s security solution.

Announcing this for the wider community, Microsoft said it’ll be rolling out more new features regularly to improve the Defender suite.

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