Edge Browser to Get Free HTML5 Games Soon

A tipster has found that a pre-release Android build of Microsoft Edge has support for extensions, that may add value to users’ browsing experiences.

While there are only three extensions as of now, Microsoft may add more in the coming months and they should have their iOS counterparts too. This makes Microsoft the second major mobile browser after Firefox to add web extensions.

Browser Extensions in Edge Android

While modern web browsers come with a lot of functionalities, they still lack in some aspects, resulting in third-party extensions filling the gap. Well, these are mainly available to desktop browsers only, until Firefox brought some of them to it’s mobile clients.

Now, following this suite, Microsoft is reportedly adding support for extensions on it’s Edge Android app, too. As noted by Leopeva64, a pre-release build of Edge (v123) has a flag to enable this support that allows users to install add-ons(extensions).

These are cooked into a new Extension section in the Edge’s overflow menu, which, too, is in beta mode. Currently, Edge for Android has only three extensions available – Dark Reader, uBlock Origin, and Global Speed, with more to be added later.

Edge users can expect these extensions to arrive in February for the beta channel and in March for the stable channel. We hope that Microsoft will also add a few more extensions by then.

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