Microsoft is Deploying Stable Windows 11 to Business Environments

After ironing out all the major issues spotted in early releases, Microsoft said Windows 11 is ready for broad deployment in business environments.

Although, the company said it’d be made available only to the PCs that meet the Win11 hardware requirements. This comes weeks after Microsoft said it’s Windows 10 21H2 is ready for broad deployment as well.

Windows 11 is Coming to All

Seven months after launching the Windows 11 OS, Microsoft said it’s ready for broad deployment in business environments. This is because the company had to make sure there are no issues troubling the users installing it for the first time, so it passed all the necessary updates throughout all these months to iron out major issues.

Though Microsoft is making it available for more users, the company warned that PCs must meet the hardware requirements to be eligible. So Microsoft said it might place safeguard holds on some systems if they fail to meet the requirements.

To check this, Microsoft has made an app called PC Health Check, to let users check their machines for Windows 11 eligibility. If you are, go to the Settings app and check for Windows 11 update in the Windows Update section. Tap on it to download the update, and restart the machine.

Aside from several visual design improvements, Windows 11 is more about privacy and data security. Thus, Microsoft strictly mentioned having a TPM 2.0 security chip in the hardware requirements category.

Microsoft is also making the Windows 11 21H2 update available for everyone, which was first announced alongside the Windows 11 OS last year. Also, Microsoft is working on Windows 11 21H2, which is also termed as Sun Valley 2 update, coming later this year.

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