Outlook Lite

Microsoft has launched the Outlook lite app, a stripped-down version of it’s email client app for mid and low-tier smartphones. As the name suggests it is a lite version of the original app but it does not mean that the app does not have proper features. The app has all the necessary features that are enough for everyone for everyday use and the best part is that the app only takes up 5MB of space in the smartphone. The app is best suitable for older smartphones or the smartphones that come with budget chipsets.

Despite of stripped-down version of the main app, the Outlook lite comes with features that are enough for everyday use. With this app, users can access their emails, calendar, and contacts and they even make a call to their contact from the app using skype.

The app also offers a “Focused Inbox” for important emails, smart filters for email search, and organization tools to organize your emails in different folders depending on their type, and users can also use different colors to organize emails in the app. The app also comes with a suggested reply feature that makes email type easy and efficient.

It is a Microsoft app so users don’t need to worry about security as it is backed by the world’s biggest software manufacturer. There is a spam folder also where all the spammy and fishy emails go in and users need to provide their authentication every time they want to sign in. This means the security of the app is top notch and users do need to worry about their personal data and information. Users will get all these features in an app that only takes 5MB of space and you will be surprised to know that this app is optimized to work with smartphones that only have 1GB of RAM or low.

Outlook Lite app takes less power to run means users will get a longer battery and it works efficiently on low internet as well as on 2G, 3G, and 4G. The app is recently launched in some selective countries that include Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Taiwan, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico. The company will add more countries soon as it depends on user acceptance. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

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