Microsoft Pushes Office 2021 Users to Upgrade For Family Subscriptions

Many users of Office 2021 have started seeing a new banner in their Office app – asking them to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family Subscription.

This was directly coming from Microsoft, who’s been pushing it’s Office 365 Family suite to existing individual customers. While it’s common to see this kind of internal ad, Microsoft has been using the same banner that it uses to warn users of enabling macros.

Ads For Microsoft 365 Family Plans

Microsoft already has a bad record of putting ads in it’s Windows and Office suite – eventually leading to users’ frustration at times. We’ve seen tags and ads for Edge browser, the new Teams app, and the Microsoft Editor coming up in Taskbar, Windows search, and elsewhere.

Adding to these, Microsoft is now pushing Microsoft 365 Family Subscription ads in Office 2021 apps. As many users reported, they’re starting to see a banner ad from Microsoft – asking them to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family plan for a steep discount.

This banner was exactly the one that’s used by Microsoft to warn users while enabling macros. The ads for family subscriptions started on August 10th and are coming in different wordings.

One reveal seeing it as “LIMITED OFFER. Get 3 months of Microsoft 365 Family for only $$0.99.”, while another said “For just $$0.99, get 3 months of Microsoft 365 Family and share with up to 5 people. It is like getting six subscriptions in one. TERMS APPLY.

Microsoft is using the Enable content/macros button as Redeem Offer button and pushing users to try it. While users can safely ignore this, it’s still annoying that Microsoft is doing it to the Office subscribers anyway.

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