OneDrive, Microsoft’s counterpart to Google Drive, is a formidable competitor in cloud storage services. Integrated deeply with Microsoft’s Office suite, it comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and 11, catering mainly to users of Microsoft Office and business suite applications.

Despite it’s integration, many Windows 10 and 11 users, avid consumers of Microsoft Office Suites, opt not to utilize OneDrive. Google Drive remains the preferred cloud storage choice for numerous users, primarily due to it’s generous 15GB of free storage compared to OneDrive’s 5GB.

As a response, users frequently close the OneDrive app to conserve system resources, prompting Microsoft to encourage greater adoption of it’s cloud storage service over Google Drive. According to a recent Neowin report, Microsoft has implemented a new approach: users can only exit OneDrive from the system tray if they provide feedback on their decision to close the app.

A small window appears upon attempting to close the app, requiring users to select a reason for their action. A dropdown menu offers predefined options and users must choose one before the “Quit OneDrive” button becomes active. It remains to be seen whether users can still click the greyed-out button without selecting an option, as images shared by publications suggest that clicking the greyed-out button might be restricted.

Users can choose from various reasons when closing the OneDrive app, enhancing Microsoft’s understanding of user preferences. These predefined reasons are as follows:

  • I do not want OneDrive running all the time
  • I do not know what OneDrive is
  • I do not use OneDrive
  • I am trying to fix a problem with OneDrive
  • I am trying to speed up my computer
  • I get too many notifications
  • Other

This update primarily targets Windows 11 users, with no confirmation yet regarding it’s implementation on Windows 10. The report emphasizes Microsoft’s efforts to encourage Windows 11 users to use it’s app as their primary cloud storage option.

Windows 11 users will also receive prompts encouraging them to enable One Drive backup, emphasizing the importance of backing up their Pictures folder to automatically safeguard their background images more frequently.

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