Microsoft started cracking down on unauthorised third-party Xbox accessories, forcing users to migrate to legal options now.

Xbox users seeing an error code 0x82d60002 will have two weeks to get a new supported controller or let their unauthorised accessories go useless. These modded accessories have long given PC players an advantage over those who genuinely play with Xbox accessories, leading up to the crackdown.

Dumping the Illegal Xbox Accessories

Years after letting tricksters play their games, Microsoft is finally cracking down on unauthorised third-party Xbox accessories this week. Many people reported seeing an error code 0x82d60002 when using their unauthorised Xbox controllers with the console, with a warning as the “connected accessory is not authorised”.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft is directly dumping the cheat devices or is trying to push it’s official partner program. OEMs officially partnering with Microsoft could make suitable accessories for Xbox and other products.

Thus, third-party Xbox controllers that are part of the “designed for Xbox” hardware partner program are unaffected by this crackdown. But anything other than this is warned with a two-week notice. Popular devices potentially facing this block include third-party cheat devices from XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1.

These devices are often used on PC to spoof the controller inputs, letting players with mouse and keyboard get the benefits of aim assist and reduced recoil – which are often limited on actual Xbox controllers. Many gaming studios like Activision, Bungie and Ubisoft have been trying to block such hardware spoofing devices and now Microsoft has jumped onto the wagon.

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