Microsoft confirmed that they will end support for Windows 8.1 in January 2023. It means that The Windows 8.1 operating system will not receive any official technical and security update from Microsoft after January 10th, 2023. The tech giant is asking users to switch to it’s latest operating system which is Windows 11. The company is also endorsing users to buy the latest computer if the latest Windows 11 is not working on their old computers. The company has also published FAQs for the users who are using the older version of windows to clear all their doubts and confusion.

After 10th January 2023, Windows 8.1 will not receive any security update meaning any computer on this version of Windows will be at a risk.

Microsoft announced the news on it’s support website where the company mentioned that Windows 8.1 operating system will not receive any technical and security updates after 10th January 2023.

After the announcement, the company warned users that their computers will be at a higher risk of getting viruses and malware if they use the older version of the Windows operating system which is not supported by the company. The company published FAQs for it’s users and in those frequently asked questions the company has recommended users switch to the latest Windows 11 or they can buy a new PC that supports Windows 11 if their old PC won’t support the latest version.

The support end does not mean that the operating system will stop working. Windows 8.1 will continue working after 10th January 2023 but it will not receive any technical and security updates from the company.

Microsoft releases the latest updates for it’s operating systems which bring new features, fixes bugs and issues. Usually, the company releases two main updates in a year and many minor updates to fix bugs and problems. These updates protect users from hackers’ attacks, viruses, and malware that will exploit users’ personal information and harm their computers.

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