Microsoft is planning to release a new version of Windows in 2024 which might be Windows 12. The company is going to change it’s update release cycle to three years as per a new report.

As per a Windows Central report citing a few sources, Microsoft could release a new version of Windows in 2024 which might be Windows 12. This also means that we can see the next version of Windows sooner than expected. This is a gap of three years between the update as previously, Windows 11 was launched in 2021. The company will also keep supporting Windows 11 by releasing it’s new updates to bring on new features and removes bugs and issues.

It seems like Microsoft is again shifting towards the strategy of releasing major Windows updates after three years. The company was releasing a major update or next version of Windows after every three years until 2015 when it launched Windows 10. After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft took almost six years to launch the next version of the OS in the form of Windows 11.

With the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft was planning to continue with that Windows and came up with the idea of Windows as a service. The company also thought of releasing a cloud base version of Windows like the Chrome OS to cater to budget and cheap hardware. After 2015, instead of releasing a new version of Windows, the company released two major updates annually with new features and some minor updates to fix the bugs and issues. With this strategy, many users started thinking that Windows 10 might be the last version of Windows but then after six years Microsoft launched Windows 11 as the next major update of Windows and brought a complete UI overhaul.

Windows 11 will get it’s next update 22H2 later this year. In the update, Microsoft will bring new features to Windows 11. After the software giant releases the 22H3 update for Windows 11 which is known as Sun valley 3 in 2023.

Also, Microsoft did not confirm yet the news of the next major release of Windows in 2024 and that they are planning to change the Windows update release cycle. So, we have to wait for the official confirmation from the company.

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