Microsoft's Defender for Cloud Now Supports Google Cloud

Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud suite added Google’s Could Platform this week, making it the only cloud security solution to support all major three clouds.

This edition comes with a bunch of tools for Google Cloud Platform users, including over 80 security recommendations, threat detection, and prevention measures, as per industry standards with simple implementation.

GCP in Defender For Cloud

Microsoft's Defender for Cloud Now Supports Google Cloud

Defender for Cloud (previously Azure Security Center and Azure Defender) is a Microsoft cloud security suite, that will let users know and guard their private cloud instances with best practices.

To date, Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud supports Azure and AWS instances, and now adds Google’s Could Platform too. This makes it the only cloud security suite to support all major three cloud services. Announcing this addition, Microsoft said the GCP is supported with “its native CSPM and CWP capabilities, without any dependencies on Google 1st party tools.”

Promising a smooth onboarding experience, Microsoft said the GCP support comes with 80 out-of-the-box recommendations for strengthening the cloud security and threat detection and flagging system if found any vulnerabilities in the connected GCP instances.

Microsoft detailed on how to connect your new or existing Google Cloud Platform to Defender for Cloud, and run in instantly. All the instances are easy to configure and are according to Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. This includes protection measures and effectively handling all the services based on the connection could instances.

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